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Welcome to Oval Craft.     Our mission is to provide the oval track racing community with aluminum racing components that are superior in design, of the highest quality, and made from the finest materials while maintaining the highest level of service all at the most competitive price.

Oval Craft / Hicks Specialty Welding and Fabricating is a manufacturer and wholesale company.
This may seem like a lofty objective to achieve for any business. Particularly a racing orientated business.
Oval Craft and Hicks Specialty Welding and Fabricating, we are a manufacturer and wholesale company.
 From leading Winston Cup chassis builders, suppliers and race teams to entry level racers in oval track divisions, Oval Craft is rapidly earning the reputation as "THE" source for fabricated aluminum products.
 With our top quality products we are here to personally assist you, our customers with all ordering parts. We welcome your comments on our current product line and your suggestions on any new parts we might add.

~Kent Hicks

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